Zaria house interior: dining and living room, Nigeria

Dining and living room of John Herbert, veterinary officer in Nigeria. A Spode jug with flowers serves as a centrepiece. A letter dated 15 May 1953 describes his first meal: ‘My address is SS49! which means that I have moved into a bungalow and have just had my first meal cooked by Ali, my cook-steward. Quite good too. Thick soup. (Groundnut & vegetables. Braised steak with carrots, cabbage and new potatoes. Banana fritters. Coffee.)’ A further letter to his parents refers to some other items visible here: ‘I have been jolly glad that you thought of the tablecloths and napkins or I should eat like a pig. The brass bull also gives a touch of civilisation to a curtainless and carpetless living room. — luckily the school master left some cushion covers and curtains in bedroom & dining room … or I’d be quite sunk.’

Contribution by: John Herbert


Zaria house dining room, c. 1953 ©John Herbert

Zaria house living room, c. 1953 ©John Herbert